Month: April 2019

Dworkin protested with us and porn profits plummeted!

OBJECT has been campaigning against the London Porn Film Festival, alongside #NotBuyingIt and London Anti-Porn Women. The films due to be screened were advertised as containing extreme violence, including necrophilia. We reported this to Camden Council, prompting an investigation and forcing the pornographers to switch venues last minute. On Saturday 27th April, we protested outside the grotty pub where the event took place. The organisers generously gave us a faux ‘invoice’, informing us how much money they’d lost due to our efforts! Pornography comes at the cost of women’s lives, dignity and hopes of liberation. Helping to fight and OBJECT to porn is priceless.

Remind Stonewall: Lesbians Don’t Have Penises!

On 26th April 2019, it was ‘Lesbian Visibility Day’. This was invented by ‘LGBT’ activists in 2008, so it can be assumed that the type of ‘lesbian’ to be celebrated is the penis-bearing variety. The campaign to bring visibility to these new male ‘lesbians’ has arguably been a great success! ‘LGBT’ organisation Stonewall UK held a conference to mark the occasion. OBJECT and others gathered outside to protest against Stonewall’s erasure of lesbians and their promotion of ‘transgenderism’. One intrepid OBJECT representative entered the conference to remind Stonewall that lesbians don’t have penises! Read her report here.

Who Really Influenced the IOC?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently reduced the maximum testosterone level that men must fall short of in order to participate in women’s sports. Male athlete Joanna Harper claimed credit for this in The Guardian, feigning an interest in “equitable rights for all” and stating that the original limit was set too high. This article by Helen Saxby reveals that Harper was in fact responsible for the previous high testosterone limit. So who really influenced the International Olympic Committee? The pivotal moment occurred at Harper’s open lecture in Brighton, attended by Helen Saxby, Stephanie Davies-Arai (TransgenderTrend), Ali Ceesay and Sheila Jeffreys (OBJECT board member).

‘London Porn Film Festival’ promotes Necrophilia

A ‘London Porn Film Festival’ is due to take place from April 26th-28th at The Horse Hospital, an independent arts venue in London. This ‘festival’ involves the screening of violent pornography. There is a panel event encouraging pornography use in schools. Another event is called “Sex Work is Work.” This is advertised using the hashtag “necrophilia”. Can a dead woman consent? According to The Horse Hospital, “sex work is work” even if the woman being raped is dead. We OBJECT. View our letter to Camden Council, write your own and join us in protest. Let’s stop this celebration of men’s violence against women.