Month: October 2018

Hot Chocolate Doesn’t Help Women Exit Prostitution

Critique of an article in the Manchester Evening News, praising a so-called ‘sex workers’ charity’ which offers prostituted women hot drinks – BUT calls them “sex workers” and claims that they are just doing a “tough job” like “any other worker.” We OBJECT to irresponsible media referring to the sexual exploitation of women as a “job”. The MEN article blames women for their own abuse and covers up the culpability of the men who use/abuse prostituted women. We OBJECT.

Beard Removal on the NHS: A Hairy Issue

Men who declare themselves to be ‘transwomen’ get laser-hair removal funded by the NHS – they don’t even have to ‘get the snip’ first (or at all). The treatment received by ‘transwomen’ is a cut above that offered to women. An NHS Senior Consultant speaks out anonymously – public discussion of this hairy issue runs the risk of being accused of ‘transphobia’. Let’s not allow this to become the perm.

‘Gender’ Self-ID: Listen to Female Survivors

The female survivors of male-inflicted rape, sexual abuse and sexual violence need FEMALE-ONLY spaces and services for recovery. A rape crisis centre in Brighton is already operating ‘gender’ self-ID policy. This may be partially attributed to desperation for funding and unlawful victimisation under the Equality Act. Last week, Harry and Meghan (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) visited the centre, but did they seek to listen to the female survivors excluded from this service? Please listen to female survivors and amplify their voices in your reply to the GRA Reform consultation (Deadline: 19th October).

Review of La Traviata

Janice Williams reviews and recommends a modern version of the opera La Traviata. La Traviata tells the story of a poledancer in “the most realistic portrayal of a strip joint you are ever likely to see on stage.” The performance is snappy, fast-paced and perfectly suitable for those of us who ‘hate opera’!