Month: April 2021

Elly Arrow

Elly Arrow is a radfem blogger who lives in Germany where prostitution is legalised. She sees the terrible harm done to women by this outdated, sexist institution and recently participated some research into homicide rates in prostitution. Be warned – it’s worse than you thought. FOLLOW ELLY’S WORK Elly’s Website Facebook Twitter: @EllyArrow Instagram YouTube …

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Forced to Lie Under Oath – Maria MacLachlan

In 2017 Maria was assaulted at Speakers Corner by a young male transactivist. When the case came to court he wore a dress and the judge told Maria to call him ‘she’. Since then she has been blogging at ‘’ and campaigning unceasingly for women’s rights. Sisters Uncut who call themselves ‘feminist’ and claim to …

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Dustbin Dolls

This poignant photo by Maria Chankova shows how society pressures women to work hard to meet a narrow stereotyped standard of appearance (impossible for some, expensive for most) and then dumps them on the scrapheap regardless.We OBJECT!