Month: January 2019

Paedophilia in Drag

The ‘transgender’ movement is increasingly interested in spreading the myth of the ‘trans child’ – including the idea of ‘child drag queens’, reports of which have been circulating in the media and on Twitter recently. One motive for this is that focusing on children discourages the public from thinking of cross-dressing as a sexual fetish (even though for adult men, it usually is). More importantly, whether as a knock-on effect or an intended consequence, the ‘trans’ movement is breaking down safeguarding measures that protect children. We OBJECT.

Self-congratulatory love-fest masquerades as policy seminar

An insight into the biased ‘training’ events held (at considerable profit) by the so-called Public Policy Exchange. These events offer ‘training’ to police forces and charitable organisations, claiming to educate on the issue of prostitution – but only offering a pro-prostitution perspective. We OBJECT to greedy organisations and individuals who endorse and perpetuate sexual slavery for financial gain. This is Janice Williams’ account of attending one of PPE’s events in September 2016, first published on Nordic Model Now’s website.


With insight from James Davies’ book ‘Cracked’ (2013), Janice Williams describes why ‘Transgenderism’ isn’t a ‘thing’; its inclusion in the DSM doesn’t lend it any scientific credibility. Many of the ‘disorders’ and ‘mental illnesses’ listed in the Diagnositic & Statistical Manual are not based on scientific evidence, but are voted into existence by male ‘experts’. This is how many ‘female disorders’ (e.g. hysteria, Masochistic personality disorder, sexual aversion disorder) are invented. Next scheduled entry into the DSM: Penis Exclusionary Personality Disorder.