Month: February 2019

Guidance: ‘Doxxed’ For ‘Transphobia’

Guidance: ‘Doxxed’ For ‘Transphobia’ GUIDANCE IF YOU ARE ‘DOXXED’ OR REPORTED FOR ‘TRANSPHOBIA’ TO YOUR EMPLOYER OR SIMILAR Janice Williams, Chair of OBJECT, took part in the ‘Get the L Out’ protest at Pride in London in July 2018 to highlight the erasure of lesbians in the LBGT movement, and was immediately doxxed by transactivists …

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We believe ‘transgender’ people are entitled to their own personal beliefs and should have the same human rights as anyone else.  However, we are concerned by the dangerous impact ‘transgender’ ideology and practice has on women and children.  ‘Transgender’ ideology stipulates that ‘gender’ (aka sex roles / stereotypes) is innate and that, inexplicably, biological sex …

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