Month: July 2018

Not a Choice; Not a Job

The notion of ‘changing sex’ (aka ‘transgenderism’) is being promoted to children and young people as if being a woman were a choice; as if having a so-called ‘sex change’ were as simple as changing jobs.  We OBJECT.

Yogyakarta Principles: International Threat to Women’s Rights

This article mainly summarises the key points made in a speech by Sheila Jeffreys (entitled “Enforcing Men’s Sexual Rights in International Human Rights Law”) at Venice Allan’s We Need To Talk event, ‘Inconvenient Women’, held in London on June 13th 2018.  Read a full transcript here. The Yogyakarta Principles were originally produced in a meeting …

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Members of OBJECT covertly attended an event called ‘TERF WARS,’ held at the ‘Freedom Press Bookshop’ in East London. Speakers vilified feminists who challenge ‘transgender’ ideology, proclaiming that “TERFs are like mould; they smell and they spread.”

Take Women off the Menu

OBJECT recently held our 15th Annual General Meeting in London. On our way to the venue, we removed 64 prostitution ads from 3 phone boxes. These ads displayed women’s bodies like meat on a menu, available for men’s consumption. We OBJECT.