Month: September 2020

Prostitution, Neither Sex nor Work

Like the women of Leeds Resisters who are currently undertaking a month long feminist action in Leeds, I am an abolitionist. I want to abolish the sale of women and girls to men and human trafficking. I want to abolish the trade in rape. I want laws and culture to work towards this end and …

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Holbeck: A Case Study of Hell

Holbeck is a case study of hell. It is misogyny and objectification in the legal system, a triumph of men’s rights activists. Alan Caton, the detective who led the investigation into the murders of five prostituted women in Ipswich in 2006 and subsequently led the strategy to put an end to street prostitution in Ipswich …

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All Roads Lead to Arcus

In June of this year, I published an article documenting the transfer of wealth from Stryker medical corporation profits, by its heir, Jon Stryker, to his LGBT NGO, Arcus Foundation. From Arcus Foundation this medical corporation money has been funneled through our cultural, civic, educational, medical, religious and legal institutions globally, as well as the …

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