Month: June 2019

‘Puppy’ Paedophilia at Pride

Last Saturday, I went to Lancaster Pride with members of ReSisters United to protest against lesbian erasure and the harms of ‘transgenderism’. We were told by the Pride manager to “fuck off, you fucking dogs”. Ironically, a group called Dog House Stoke was welcome at the event – the men were ‘puppy’ fetishists, a form of BDSM that incoorporates bestiality and paedophilia. We were shocked and disturbed to see unaccompanied children playing with these men. Their sexual fetish ‘puppy play pen’ appeared to be being used as an ad-hoc children’s creche.

A Witch Hunt at Humanists UK

Last summer, Janice Williams took part in the ‘Get The L Out’ protest at London Pride 2018, OBJECTing to the destructive impact ‘LGBT community’ has on lesbians (e.g. pressure on lesbians to have sex with men). After the event, malicious ‘transactivists’ scoured the internet in a ‘witch-hunt’ for information on the brave women who dared to speak out in defense of lesbians. Someone discovered that Janice worked as a funeral celebrant at Humanists UK. Her employers received a complaint about her involvement in the protest, accusing her of ‘transphobia’. Humanists UK launched an investigation despite lack of evidence, ignoring company policy and breaching their own complaints procedure. Read Janice’s full account of the ‘witch-hunt’ here.