Month: March 2019

Get The L Out! – ‘The Cotton Ceiling’

Angela C. Wild of #GetTheLOut (the group who famously protested against lesbian erasure at London Pride 2018) has published new research exposing the abuse that ‘trans’-identified males inflict upon lesbians. 80 women responded to her questionnaire about their experiences within ‘LGBT’ groups and on lesbian dating sites. The results reveal that rape culture is rampant – lesbians are told to accept penises as ‘lady sticks’ – 56% of respondents reported being pressured to accept a ‘transwoman’ as a sexual partner. Several women revealed that they were sexually assaulted or raped by men who ‘identified as women’. This is the enforcement of compulsory heterosexuality on lesbian women. ‘Trans’ ideology is inherently misogynistic and lesbophobic. We OBJECT.

OBJECT in New York!

Earlier this month, OBJECT went to New York City to promote and launch the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights! While there, we also joined an anti-pimp protest outside New York City Hall; attended events at the UN Commission on the Status of Women; listened to a panel of ‘detransitioned’ women (Pique Resilience Project); and witnessed ‘queer-erasure’ of lesbian herstory at New York Public Library. The launch of the Women’s Declaration was a fantastic success; it now has over 3300 signatories from over 70 countries! Please keep spreading the word!