Remind Stonewall: Lesbians Don’t Have Penises!
April 28, 2019

On 26th April 2019, it was ‘Lesbian Visibility Day’. This day was apparently invented by ‘LGBT’ activists in 2008, so it can be assumed that the type of ‘lesbian’ to be celebrated is the penis-bearing variety. The campaign to bring visibility to these new male ‘lesbians’ has arguably been a great success!

The UK ‘LGBT’ organisation Stonewall erases lesbians through it’s relentless promotion of ‘transgenderism‘. They turn a blind eye to the sexual coercion, abuse and rape of lesbians by ‘transwomen’ a.k.a men. They encourage lesbians to self-harm by breast binding, taking cross-sex hormones and undergoing surgical mutilations – to erase themselves and their lesbianism by ‘gender transitioning’. The only so-called ‘lesbians’ who Stonewall care about are male cross-dressers.

On ‘Lesbian Visibility Day’ 2019, OBJECT joined others to protest against Stonewall’s erasure of female lesbians – as Julia Long said, “the old-fashioned kind that don’t have a penis!”

One intrepid OBJECT representative arrived early and entered the conference building. This is her report from within:

I arrived a bit early for the Lesbian Visibility Day protest outside Stonewall’s Conference at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in London.

I found myself in the conference room, and thought I would stay to hear what was said. I have seen a lot of evidence that Stonewall is making money hand over fist out of its unthinking support of transgenderism with no thought to the rights of lesbians, other women or children. But I decided to keep an open mind and listen.

In the first hour four people spoke. Ruth Hunt, outgoing CEO (outgoing because of unthinking support for transgender rights, which was neatly ‘papered over’), mentioned the word lesbian twice, as did Penny Mordaunt, Minister for Equalities. I was also counting how often the word ‘transgender’ came up, but ran out of paper to tick on, so often did it flood out of every speaker’s mouth. Two of them did not even mention Lesbian Visibility Day.

Penny Mordaunt, said that the government ‘still’ (i.e. despite all the protests from women’s organisations whom she initially failed to consult) wanted to make identification easier for transgender people, although she did not mention the dreaded ‘self-id’ word, thank goodness. Most of her talk was about the hardships of trans people, whom she felt ‘a particularly strong imperative to support’. Yet her sad quotes from the consultation all came from lesbians, for whom she mentioned no plans. Why not? She promised the report on the government consultation ‘very shortly’. I wonder if it will highlight the complete lack of scientific evidence that transitioning makes anyone happier in the long run, the complete lack of any participant organisation representing Muslim women, or analyse the horrendous impact on women’s rights of losing the definition of women?  Guessing not.

A woman from Vodaphone who said she had a ‘trans history’ spoke. Is trans the new passport to a well-paid job, just as an Oxbridge education or a posh accent used to be? Then Ruth Hunt spoke again about ‘tensions’ i.e. the protesters outside. She said that delegates should not speak to them, and if they absolutely had to go out for a smoke break, they could ask a member of Stonewall staff to go with them! So much for promoting debate and discussion about LGBT rights. Most of them out there were lesbians or concerned parents of young children who are having the transagenda pushed at them in school.

 Women outside the Stonewall conference in London, OBJECTing to Stonewall’s erasure of lesbians and their promotion of the idea that lesbianism is just a sexual fetish for men (i.e. men can become ‘lesbians’ and ‘lesbian’ is a porn category). Women outside the Stonewall conference in London, OBJECTing to Stonewall’s erasure of lesbians and their promotion of the idea that lesbianism is just a sexual fetish for men (i.e. men can become ‘lesbians’ and ‘lesbian’ is a porn category).

In the break I was amused to notice that Stonewall was so woke that even the water table carried allergy warnings. And the china milk jugs were shaped like white china milk cartons. The order of the day was clearly that nothing is what it seems. I was beginning to get that.

 No expenses spared! Stonewall UK have money to burn. Somebody was probably hired just to select these impressive milk jugs. No expenses spared! Stonewall UK have money to burn. Somebody was probably hired just to select these impressive milk jugs.

I then attended a workshop on building LGBT support networks in organisations. You get a senior sponsor, get everyone involved by inviting them to events, giving them little jobs like manning the stall at your (rainbow-coloured) cake sale, having a committee and accosting people in the corridors, by email, via notices in the kitchen, every which way. No one is permitted to escape. Amusingly, someone raised the question of low turn-out. Everyone in the workplace had signed up, but actual attendance was low. We know why. So many people have lost jobs through having gender-critical opinions. Many can’t afford to risk it.

Every organisation who spoke mentioned their Stonewall rating or Equality Index and how they were working on scoring higher next time, also how much work it took. It was like a playground game of ‘My Daddy’s bigger than your Daddy’! To be invited to speak, you clearly had to prove that you had taken this very seriously, wore rainbow laces, attended pride marches etc. Not a word about genuine equality, equal pay, promotion opportunities, or disadvantages suffered by women. The focus was solely on singing the Stonewall song, wearing its T-shirt and playing unquestioningly by its rules.

Some people from Scott Jardine spoke about how they had set up their network. ‘Screw the rules, just do what you have to do’, said the man, adding that HR would catch up later. I believed him. HR would have no choice. The woman actually said that she was there as ‘a token lesbian’. I believed her too.

At lunch time, watching the protesters, I remembered when back in the 80s I went to the theatre once and was annoyed when a young man leapt up just as the play started, shouting ‘Smoking kills’ and set off a smoke bomb. You could smoke in theatres then. He was dragged off at once and we all thought he was a loony.

I took a few photos of the protest, discussing it with others around me, who were also clicking with their cameras. I waved down to them in encouragement. Soon afterwards, in the busy lunch room, Stonewall staff started harassing me to put on my conference badge, which of course I did not have. I had to decide quickly what to do before they threw me out.

All I had heard had convinced me that Stonewall was no longer a charity with laudable aims. No, it was now a chazness, a charity turned business, building its capitalist empire by allying with the most powerful male rights movement since the first army was invented, whenever that was. I felt I had to do something before I was rumbled as an interloper and ushered out.

So the next time staff came for me I started shouting as loudly as I could, over and over, ‘Transwomen are Men! Stop Transing Children!  Let Lesbians be Lesbians!  Transing children is Child Abuse! ‘. This attracted a lot of attention. People filmed and took photos. Two large people stood in front of me to block me. I dodged them and walked around the room, shouting my message like an Old Testament prophet.

Staff kept asking me to leave. I said ‘No thank you’. Eventually, some minutes later, as my voice started to give out and everyone had heard what I had to say, two burly security men arrived. They said that if I did not leave of my own accord they would have to remove me and that would mean touching me. I said nothing. As they took hold of me I collapsed to the floor and they half-carried, half-dragged me out. One of my feet accidentally inserted itself between a security man’s legs and he stumbled. With some difficulty, still calling out my prophecies, they dragged me off to the lift and turfed (terfed?) me out of the building by a side exit. I joined my sisters in protest.

So insulated from reality are Stonewall and its cult acolytes that it is almost impossible for them to hear the other side of Stonewall’s story, or even to know that there is another side to the story.

Written by an OBJECT representative