Month: August 2018

Lesbian Pride Manchester 2018

OBJECT and The Society for the Preservation of Accurate Pride Heritage provided a pro-lesbian presence at Manchester Pride parade 2018. We OBJECT to lesbian erasure and to the threats and harms of ‘transgender’ ideology on the lesbian community. We support the right of lesbians to accurately define themselves as biologically female homosexuals.

The Brothel Next Door

Gemma Oldman describes her experience of a pop-up brothel setting up next door. She took extensive notes and reported her concerns to the police and a human trafficking helpline. Is enough being done to help victims of sex trafficking in the UK? We don’t think so. There are no consequences for the punters, the men who buy and rape the victims. We OBJECT.


0BJECT attended Brighton Pride 2018 to protest against lesbian erasure. We believe that the so-called ‘LGBT’ movement does not represent or support the interests of lesbians, hence the requirement to ‘Get The ‘L’ Out.’ A man at Brighton Pride shouted down a megaphone that ‘lesbian’ is now spelled ‘G-A-Y’. We OBJECT.