Elly Arrow

Elly Arrow is a radfem blogger who lives in Germany where prostitution is legalised. She sees the terrible harm done to women by this outdated, sexist institution and recently participated some research into homicide rates in prostitution. Be warned – it’s worse than you thought. FOLLOW ELLY’S WORK Elly’s Website Facebook Twitter: @EllyArrow Instagram YouTube …

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Prostitution, Neither Sex nor Work

Like the women of Leeds Resisters who are currently undertaking a month long feminist action in Leeds, I am an abolitionist. I want to abolish the sale of women and girls to men and human trafficking. I want to abolish the trade in rape. I want laws and culture to work towards this end and …

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Holbeck: A Case Study of Hell

Holbeck is a case study of hell. It is misogyny and objectification in the legal system, a triumph of men’s rights activists. Alan Caton, the detective who led the investigation into the murders of five prostituted women in Ipswich in 2006 and subsequently led the strategy to put an end to street prostitution in Ipswich …

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A Meaningful Transition?

The Road to Hell…is paved with good intentions. OBJECT! usually steers clear of criticising feminist colleagues. Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes, broad church etc. But when the intention is ‘kind’ but the impact is appalling, something has to be said. Dr Julia Long has said it: ‘Much of what is written and spoken in …

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Political Shock

You couldn’t be more shocked than we are that the Conservatives – yes, the party of profit, apartheid, private medicine, government by Etonians etc – have produced an open-minded, balanced, scientific report on a key women’s rights issue:  prostitution. Since the Labour party got taken over by ‘wokebros’ (Neo liberal social justice ‘warriors’) who say …

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Dworkin was right

Photomontage by George Blair Prostitution is the practice in which men are able to purchase women to use as sex objects.  Men are taught via pornography and patriarchal culture to believe that they have an inalienable right to the sexual access of women and children’s bodies.  Prostitution eroticises the degradation and oppression of women.  Men …

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OBJECT in New York!

Earlier this month, OBJECT went to New York City to promote and launch the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights! While there, we also joined an anti-pimp protest outside New York City Hall; attended events at the UN Commission on the Status of Women; listened to a panel of ‘detransitioned’ women (Pique Resilience Project); and witnessed ‘queer-erasure’ of lesbian herstory at New York Public Library. The launch of the Women’s Declaration was a fantastic success; it now has over 3300 signatories from over 70 countries! Please keep spreading the word!

Self-congratulatory love-fest masquerades as policy seminar

An insight into the biased ‘training’ events held (at considerable profit) by the so-called Public Policy Exchange. These events offer ‘training’ to police forces and charitable organisations, claiming to educate on the issue of prostitution – but only offering a pro-prostitution perspective. We OBJECT to greedy organisations and individuals who endorse and perpetuate sexual slavery for financial gain. This is Janice Williams’ account of attending one of PPE’s events in September 2016, first published on Nordic Model Now’s website.

Hot Chocolate Doesn’t Help Women Exit Prostitution

Critique of an article in the Manchester Evening News, praising a so-called ‘sex workers’ charity’ which offers prostituted women hot drinks – BUT calls them “sex workers” and claims that they are just doing a “tough job” like “any other worker.” We OBJECT to irresponsible media referring to the sexual exploitation of women as a “job”. The MEN article blames women for their own abuse and covers up the culpability of the men who use/abuse prostituted women. We OBJECT.

Ten Ways Surrogacy is Like Prostitution

If you OBJECT to the exploitation of women as sexual slaves in the prostitution industry, you should also OBJECT to the renting of women’s bodies in reproductive slavery (‘surrogacy’). Here are ten ways ‘surrogacy’ is like prostitution.