Month: July 2020

Winner of the Object! Essay Prize 2020

The winner of the Object! Essay Prize 2020 is Lauren Hamstead How do ‘altruistic’ and commercial surrogacy affect the rights of women and children? Introduction In its most basic form, surrogacy requires that a woman gestate a child for a third party and relinquish her child at birth. In popular consciousness the narrative surrounding surrogacy …

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by Janice Williams Trans ideology positions itself on foundations of science and history. The science has been well debunked by, Dr Emma Hilton, Dr Em and others but few people have looked at the historical claims made for transgenderism. Has it, as many people think, ‘always existed in various cultures’? OBJECT decided to look …


What about the girls?

‘Trans’ is the Wrong Answer to a Real Problem. What about the girls? This contains upsetting pictures but pre-teen kids see stuff like this daily so why should we warn you? by Dr EM Part I: Porn Culture. Transgenderism, for teenage girls, is the wrong answer to a woman-and-girl-hating culture. The non-transactivists I know, the …

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