Month: September 2019

Surrogacy Consultation UK

Please respond to the UK surrogacy consultation – 5 minute response here! The UK government is holding a consultation on surrogacy, one of our 5 key issues. The consultation is biased and does not call into question the ethics of surrogacy. The proposed aim of the law ‘reform’ is simply to make it easier for ‘intended parents’ to attain children, at great cost to the rights of mother and child. Please respond to voice your OBJECTion to surrogacy. Here are OBJECT’s suggested answers to key questions that you may copy and paste.

OBJECT’s Doxxing Dossier

OBJECT’S DOXXING DOSSIER   This is a list of ordinary UK gender-critical campaigners who have been maliciously reported for their legitimate views by transactivists to their employer or other organisation. This ‘doxxing’ is a project of concerted malicious in-depth detective work carried out with the sole aim of deliberately spreading lies in order to discredit …

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