Month: November 2018

‘Transgender Ideology’ is Today’s Anti-Feminist Backlash

Thain Parnell, radical feminist writer and activist, exposes ‘trans-activism’ as the latest counter-movement against feminism. Read her article, “Feminism has been co-opted but it won’t last,” originally posted on Medium. Throughout history, when great gains are made by feminists in the pursuit of women’s rights and liberation, a blacklash movement strikes back – often co-opting the term ‘feminism’. The practice and ideology of ‘trangenderism’ is simply the latest form of anti-feminist activism (a.k.a. men’s rights activism). We OBJECT.

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans on talkRADIO – Porn is not Liberating. Audio and Transcript

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans from OBJECT’s management committee discusses pornography on The Wright Show, broadcast on talkRadio on 23/10/2018. The topic for debate is the recent Commons Women and Equalities Committee report on the sexual harassment of women and girls, which deems pornography to be a public health crisis. Heather brilliantly rebuts the classic arguments made in defense of pornography. She affirms that pornography is NOT sexual liberation. Listen to the interview here.