Month: December 2019

Inventing Transgender Children – Pointicle Review

You’ve heard of an article, you’ve heard of a listicle (an article based on a list) and now here’s a a pointicle! This is a point-by-point review of the new and controversial book “Inventing Transgender Children and Young People”, edited by Heather Brunskell-Evans and Michelle Moore. The book is a compilation of essays by clinicians, psychologists, parents, educators, ‘detransitioners’ and others affected or interested in the creation of the ‘transgender’ child. We highly recommend reading the book yourself, but if time and money are in short supply then read our summary of the key points here!

Why are Young Women Identifying as ‘Asexual’?

This article was originally presented as a talk at the Rad Fem Collective conference in London on 22nd September 2019. Increasing numbers of young women are choosing identify as ‘asexual’. These women reject the role of ‘sex object’. Many express disgust with porn-sick sexuality, to the extent that some call themselves ‘repulsed asexuals’. However, many don’t oppose porn, prostitution and sexual objectification of other women. Why? I argue that this is because they interpret their ‘asexuality’ only as a personal preference; all other preferences, including the use of pornography, are seen as equal and ‘valid’. If these ‘asexual’ women became feminists, could they reinterpret their ‘asexuality’/celibacy as a positive form of resistance to porn-sickness and compulsory heterosexuality?