Month: September 2018

Critique of Jordan Peterson – Male Rights Activist – ‘Father Figure’

In Jordan Peterson’s latest book, “12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos”, he presents himself as an archetypal wise old man and a father figure, appealing particularly to young men. He is a Men’s Rights Activist disguised as ‘Daddy’. This critique of his work reveals how he entices young men into adopting his misogynist philosophy. In his mind, WOMEN are CHAOS and CHAOS must be controlled, reigned in and disempowered by men. We OBJECT.

Ten Ways Surrogacy is Like Prostitution

If you OBJECT to the exploitation of women as sexual slaves in the prostitution industry, you should also OBJECT to the renting of women’s bodies in reproductive slavery (‘surrogacy’). Here are ten ways ‘surrogacy’ is like prostitution.

GRA Consultation – Fill in YOUR Protected Characteristics

Respond to the Government Consultation on Reform of the GRA before 11pm 19th October 2018. The consultation wrongly ONLY asks ‘trans’ respondents about their protected characteristics (under the Equality Act 2010). We recommend that, even if you are not ‘trans’, you fill in YOUR protected characteristics and give YOUR opinion on the proposed law changes.

0/10 for Shami Chakrabarti – Back to the Drawing Board!

Dr Anna Cleaves critiques Shami Chakrabarti’s take on ‘transgenderism’. Chakrabarti’s new book, Of Women, advocates for women’s rights to be prioritised – but her view on ‘transgenderism’ contradicts and undermines this worthy objective.