2018 – Year In Review
February 4, 2019


OBJECT has had a busy year! Here is a summary of what we have been doing in relation to each of our 5 Key Issues.



Sex Encounter Venues

OBJECT supported the campaign against the licensing of a strip club in Sheffield. OBJECT attended the judicial review in Leeds high court – the council were forced to concede that community impact had not been properly assessed when licensing the strip club.


  • Our spokeswoman for this Key Issue is Professor Sheila Jeffreys, who joined our management committee this year.

  • We have been spreading awareness of the harms of ‘surrogacy’ and showing how deeply it connects to our other Key Issues. ‘Surrogacy’ is like prostitution, except that a woman’s body is purchased for reproductive use/abuse rather than sexual abuse.


  • OBJECT representatives have spoken on the panel at several of Venice Allan’s ‘We Need To Talk about the GRA’ events.

  • OBJECT were involved in the ‘Get The L Out’ protest at London pride, protesting against lesbophobia and lesbian erasure in the so-called LGBT community. We OBJECT to the pressure placed on lesbians by the ‘LGBT’ community to pretend that men can be lesbians and to grant sexual access to them. This sense of male entitlement to use/abuse women underlies all our 5 Key Issues, which is why we felt it was important to make a stand at ‘LGBT Pride’ parades this year. Following the usual abusive, lying transactivist Twitter pile-on, our Chair Janice Williams was complained about for bringing her employer into disrepute by participating in the protest. Complaint NOT upheld.

Other Successes

  • OBJECT started a new London-based activist group in December! We also hope to form activist groups across the rest of the UK – please get in touch if you’d like us to help you link up with others in your area.

As you can see, OBJECT has had an immensely busy and successful year in 2018! We hope to surpass and build upon our successes in 2019. We will continue to OBJECT to the objectification and oppression of women and girls, focusing on our 5 Key Issues of Pornography, Prostitution, Sex Encounter Venues (Sexual Exploitation Venues), Surrogacy and ‘Transgender’.