We believe ‘transgender’ people are entitled to their own personal beliefs and should have the same human rights as anyone else.  However, we are concerned by the dangerous impact ‘transgender’ ideology and practice has on women and children.  ‘Transgender’ ideology stipulates that ‘gender’ (aka sex roles / stereotypes) is innate and that, inexplicably, biological sex is a social construct.  This is in direct opposition to the views of feminists: ‘gender’ is the tool of the patriarchy by which women are oppressed.  We believe in the abolition of ‘gender’ in order to attain women’s liberation.

The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” – Audre Lorde

‘Transgender’ ideology is rooted firmly on a belief in strict sex roles (i.e. gender) for men and women – if a person does not conform to their sex role (‘masculinity’ for men or ‘femininity’ for women), they are considered defective (‘born in the wrong body’).

Conversely, we do not believe that women have an innate ‘gender’ (aka sex role / stereotype) that predisposes them to wearing dresses, liking pink, adopting ‘feminine’ mannerisms and acting as a sex object for men’s use.

The Harms of ‘Transgenderism’

In relation to ‘transgender’ ideology and practice, OBJECT are particularly concerned by:

  • The labelling of ‘gender’ non-conforming children as ‘transgender’, resulting in unnecessary ‘medical’ treatment such as the administration of puberty blockers.

  • The increasing number of young women ‘transitioning’, in a misguided attempt to escape the ‘gender’ (sex role) of femininity. These women self harm through surgery (eg. breast removal) and taking testosterone.  Many of these women are lesbians.  ‘Transitioning’ acts as a form of lesbian conversion therapy.

  • The invasion of women-only sex-protected spaces, such as toilets, prisons and refuges.  The idea of ‘gender self ID’ proposes that a man’s word is all that is required for him to enter a space reserved for women.  Biological males identifying as ‘trans’ have already been housed in women’s prisons and have sexually assaulted women prisoners.

  • The degradation of the language required to describe women’s oppression.  If a ‘woman’ can have a penis, then the word becomes meaningless.  Women lose the ability to effectively describe our experience of oppression as a sex class.   This also means it will no longer be possible to collect statistics on male criminality (because male and female won’t be distinguished from each other) – such statistics have helped women attain special laws regarding rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence etc.  

  • Feminist criticism of ‘gender’ is being reclassified as bigotry and ‘transphobia.’  For example, it could be considered ‘transphobic’ to suggest that women are not naturally inclined to wear lipstick and perform ‘femininity’.  It is considered ‘hate speech’ to express feminist opinion.

  • The pressure placed on lesbians in particular to accept men into their communities.  Lesbians are coerced into accepting these men as ‘women’ and to have sexual relationships with them.  Claiming not to want to have sex with a ‘woman with a penis’ (ie. a man) is denounced as ‘transphobia’.  Lesbophobia is rampant in LGBT groups, which are where young lesbians unfortunately seek solace and community; instead they are groomed and manipulated into having sex with men.

OBJECT’s recent work on ‘Transgender’ issues

  •  OBJECT joined the ‘Get The L Out’ protest at London Pride 2018, raising awareness of the issues lesbians are facing from the ‘LGBT’ community -eg. the erasure of lesbianism under the sex-neutral term ‘queer’; the ‘transitioning’ of lesbians as a form of self harm or conversion therapy; the sexual coercion and rape of lesbians by men who identify as ‘transgender’.


OBJECT joined a protest at the front of the London Pride parade, 2018. The protest highlighted the issue of lesbian erasure, through the redefinition of lesbianism as ‘same-gender’ rather than ‘same-sex’ attraction by those who support ‘transgender’ / ‘queer’ ideology. The ‘LGBT’ community is hostile to lesbians who want to assert their sexual boundaries by refusing to have sex with men – even if those men claim to be ‘women with penises’.

  • OBJECT attended other pride parades throughout 2018 to protest against ‘transgenderism’.

  • In October 2018, OBJECT responded to the Government Consultation on the Reform of the Gender Recognition Act to oppose the implementation of ‘gender’ self-identification in law and to support the right of women and girls to access single-sex spaces and services.

  • In late 2018, OBJECT attended Westminister Magistrates Court in support of Linda Bellos and Venice Allan. A ‘transactivist’ had targeted them for speaking out in defense of women’s rights at Venice’s ‘We Need To Talk About The GRA’ event, held in York in Novemeber 2017. Linda Bellos stated that she would defend herself if attacked by a ‘transactivist’ – this was said in reference to the assault of Maria Maclachlan by a young man who thinks he’s a woman. The case against Linda and Venice was rightfully thrown out by the Crown Prosecution Service. The malestream media failed to cover this outcome, despite publishing the initial accusations of ‘transphobia’ against Linda Bellos.


Trial Of Kendal v Linda Bellos and Venice Allan
  • New York Launch of The Women’s Declaration

    In March 2019, OBJECT went to New York to help promote the launch of the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights. We attended side events at the UN Commission on The Status of Women to spread awareness of the harms of ‘transgenderism’, to promote the launch event, and to encourage people to sign the women’s declaration. Watch the New York launch event here.

  • Leeds Launch of The Women’s Declaration

    The first UK launch of the declaration took place in Leeds on 25th May 2019. OBJECT sponsored and attended the event. Find out more here.

  • OBJECT continue to work alongside The Women’s Declaration team ( Women’s Human Rights Campaign). This is the first attempt to build an international resistance to the ‘transgender’ lobby. The focus is to prevent the idea of ‘gender identity’ being written into laws across the world.

Recommended books on ‘Transgenderism’

  • Brunskell-Evans, Heather. & Moore, Michele. Eds. (2018) Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body.

  • Jeffreys, Sheila. (2014) Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism.

Recommended websites on ‘Transgenderism’

  • Fair Play For Women 

  • Transgender Trend – Provides information for parents, teachers and others who work with children.  Offers a school pack containing advice on how to support ‘gender’ non-conforming children and teenagers who may ‘identify’ as ‘trans’, without denying biological sex or pandering to ‘transgender’ ideology.

  • Get The L Out – Lesbians protesting against the impact of ‘transgenderism’ on lesbians. Get The L Out protested at London Pride 2018 and Europride 2019, jumping in to lead the parade on both occasions. They have also done research on the pressure placed on lesbians to have sex with men who identify as ‘women’ – the results reveal that young lesbians are being raped and gaslit within ‘LGBT communities’ that claim to offer them support.

To read OBJECT’s latest blog posts on ‘Transgender’ issues, click here.