Political Shock
May 12, 2020

You couldn’t be more shocked than we are that the Conservatives – yes, the party of profit, apartheid, private medicine, government by Etonians etc – have produced an open-minded, balanced, scientific report on a key women’s rights issue:  prostitution.

Since the Labour party got taken over by ‘wokebros’ (Neo liberal social justice ‘warriors’) who say that men who claim to be women should be top priority, key women’s issues have been ignored. Domestic violence rockets under lockdown ? shove them a few million to keep them quiet.

Porn gives our youth a toxic sex ed that sparks self-harming girls and violent boys? Promise to block the youth from internet porn sites. You can’t but it’ll keep the protesters happy.

Generally we are no fans of the Tories. But amazingly, led by Fiona Bruce MP, their Human Rights Group have produced a wonderful report on prostitution. It’s wonderful because it takes a human rights approach, listened to everybody, focuses on consent, recognises the global reach of the trade and links to trafficking, and takes a hard, critical look at the evidence, noting that a lot of it is weak. It plumps for the Nordic Model as the solution. We agree.

Call to action

What we need now is a new law to bring in the Nordic Model for prostitution, with exit programmes for women who want to leave it. By making it illegal to buy sex, attitudes to prostitution shift and it becomes less socially acceptable. This gradually reduces the sector without criminalising the women involved. That’s what Sweden, Iceland, France, Israel, Canada, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have found. Or is the Tory Human Rights group just a pretence?

Sex Worker Rights

If you believe that prostitution is fine and a real, viable, choice then we respect your opinion if you put it to the test. Take a week off work. Dress up tarty each evening, take yourself to your local prostitution area around 11 pm and hang around, making eye contact and smiling at any men you see. Go and have sex with the first 3 men who pick you up and report back to us. Till then, we’ll stick with the evidence of Fiona Broadfoot, Rachel Moran, Rebecca Mott, Sam Walshe and the dozens of other women we know who were pimped out from their teen years onwards.

We OBJECT! to prostitution.

Full report here