The Gender Identity Industry
Jennifer Bilek
17 Feb 2021

Jennifer Bilek Blog Page :

Jennifer Bilek was raised Catholic in Queens, New York. Aged 17, fed up with the exam factory and unwilling to learn to cook, clean and be a mom, she left home and struck out on her own, voraciously reading feminist literature starting with Audrey Lorde. Earning her living in various jobs, she finally situated herself as a counselor for survivors of domestic abuse, where she had a bird’s eye view of the misogyny playing out in society at large.

Continuing with counseling work, by serving the psychiatrically disabled population, recovering substance abusers and people with HIV, she realized that ‘learning how to live’, was a much more important pursuit than academia. While working with the environmental organization, Deep Green Resistance, she became both intrigued and incensed by the level of censorship they were experiencing because they acknowledged biological reality and set out to discover why and how this was happening. This was her early and effective introduction to the power of the trans lobby.

She began to research the money behind it. Lots of information was freely available on websites and in financial accounts, but any journalists or academics who had looked in those directions had steered away in fear for their careers. Key names behind the funding included Pritzker, Rothblatt, Gill, Stryker, Obama, Biden. The trans lobby has hugely funded the Democrat party. After gay rights were won, lesbians went off and founded community groups, bookshops, holiday companies while gay men shot up the corporate ladder in banking, tech, pharma and media corporations to become CEOs and finance directors.

Many of these powerful gay men are steering money to trans-friendly organizations via charitable trusts (Arcus, Gill), ostensibly focusing on LGBT. Trans is not a sexual orientation but uses LGB as a trojan horse to access previously cultivated social sympathy for gay rights. There’s a LOT of money involved. A few years ago the US LGB market was worth $9bn. That market is now worth $3.6 trillion, globally. Jennifer tried to publish her findings many times, but only right-wing organizations like the Federalist would publish her.

Now you can find her work on UK’s own Uncommon Ground media (link below). If you struggle to believe her, check out her many references and hyperlinks to the evidence. I asked Jennifer what was the belief she put forth which received the most controversy. Her answer ‘That women are human’. Capitalism dictates that new markets must constantly be created, and the gender industry whizzing us swiftly and profitably towards transhumanism and total disembodiment, provides this service royally for the medico-pharma complex and for the misogynist AGPs, Incels and other misogynist men and their confused female handmaidens.

Traumatization by drugs and surgery helps to switch off our brains and make us compliant. We ReSist and we OBJECT. It does not matter how men who pretend to be women see themselves: anyone who would objectify us for any reason, is not an ally. WE ARE HUMAN. We are not body parts or objects to satiate other people’s feelings. Definition: an Autogynephile (AGP) is a man who dresses as a women because he fancies himself sexually like that.

This common and exclusively male fetish is used, inexcusably, as an excuse to abuse women.

Men, your fetish is your responsibility.