Sex Clubs Must Go!
Sasha Rakoff,
5 Dec 2020

Sasha Rakoff is the original founder of OBJECT. She also founded and chairs #NotBuyingIt, which challenges strip clubs. Sasha tells us about the effects of Sex Clubs in our high streets. They present as the acceptable face of the sex trade, ‘just a bit of fun’ BUT they blight town centres with prostitution, drug debris and disorderly behaviour.

Women in them are underpaid, coerced and exploited. The clubs routinely break their license conditions and inspections are a joke. Also how do we explain them to kids? The voices of women in strip clubs are hidden because they have no union or job security and are completely at the mercy of their employers.

They are often harassed and find they have to use substances to get through their shift. It is emotionally and psychologically damaging for them to focus solely on providing sexual gratification for male customers. No one listens to them and, sadly, they are easily replaced if they decide to leave.