Belstaffie. Her Story. Expert & Activist.
5 Dec 2020

Belstaffie escaped an arranged marriage designed to ‘cure’ her lesbianism, did an Access course and became a Probation Officer. Her voice was hidden because her family could not accept that she was a lesbian. Specialising in serious Sex Offenders, she found that the courses designed to rehabilitate them were worse than useless and actually encouraged sexual activity involving children.

Her local police force commended her invention of paedophile mapping. Belstaffie is now a full-time radical feminist activist. She was recently in Leeds supporting the Leeds Spinners and Leeds ReSisters in their exposure of the disastrous so-called ‘Managed Zone’ for prostitution where all residents who could leave have left and the rest live in fear of what goes on in their streets.

Belstaffie’s voice is hidden no longer. Find Belstaffie on Facebook at XX Power Nation or on Twitter @Belstaffie