Ali Bee a Voice silenced on Twitter.
Ali Bee
5 Dec 2020

Ali Bee is a gender atheist, poet, mother, singer, cursing expert and Totally Excellent Real Female Old Woman Singing: the radfem Bob Dylan, the thinking woman’s Billy Bragg. Ali sings about menopause, rape, femicide, porn, sex robots, toxic ‘gender’ roles, paedophilia, violence against women, coercive control, gaslighting, child sexual abuse and autogynephilia and STILL manages to make you smile while driving home her point.

She never ducks the stark truth, yet she offers us ways out, ways not to yield to the patriarchy, ways to fight back, better ways. How? You’ll have to listen…. It was a snappy song by Ali Bee that Harry Miller quoted on Twitter and as a result had the police turn up at his work treating it as ‘hate speech’. Harry won his case, but despite promising to do so, never acknowledged Ali Bee’s authorship of the verse. Yet another case of a woman doing the work and a man taking the credit.

A doubly hidden voice – as Ali has had countless social media bans imposed for her gender critical work.…

Find Ali on her YouTube channel… where you can download her songs, or contact her to order her excellent CD.