Leeds Launch
February 4, 2020

Leeds Launch – May 2019

The Leeds Spinners organised the first UK launch of the Women’s Declaration, which was held in Leeds Civic Hall on 25th May 2019. OBJECT sponsored and attended the event. A brilliant opening speech was given by Councillor Sarah Field. She pointed out that “men know what a woman is in Holbeck” – the so-called ‘managed prostitution zone’, an area of Leeds where men can pay to rape vulnerable women and children. Next, Sheila Jeffreys spoke about the development of the declaration, explaining why ‘gender identity’ rights are a threat to women’s human rights. Heather Brunskell-Evans focused on the harm of ‘transgenderism’ to children. Finally, Maureen O’Hara spoke about men’s violence against women and how this relates to the need for women’s sex-based rights to be upheld in law.