Hackney Resisters
February 5, 2020


November 2019
OBJECT helped organise the Hackney Resisters meeting that took place on 22nd November, with speakers Alison Bailey and Stephanie Davies-Arai of TransgenderTrend.
We supported Maya Forstater at her employment tribunal this month– she was fired for expressing her belief that women exist! Judge’s decision to be made in December.

October 2019
One of our members spoke at the 2019 CEASE conference, describing our success at shutting down a London Porn Film Festival earlier this year and also getting M&S to rename their ‘Pornstar Martinis’.
Many OBJECTors attended the FiLiA conference, where Heather Brunskell-Evans spoke about the “Invention of the Transgender Child.”
We attended the London conference and launch of Heather Brunskell-Evans’ and Michelle Moore’s latest book about ‘transgendering’ of children, “Inventing Transgender Children and Young People”.

Update 29/07/2019: OBJECT were quoted in the Daily Mail this weekend in a piece about ‘transgender’ prisoners. In April, OBJECT and other feminist groups staged a joint protest outside Downview Prison in opposition to the housing of men in women’s prisons. We believe the senior prison service managers who signed off these ridiculous policies after consulting ONLY ‘trans’ groups need to be called to account. Many men who might not otherwise engage in this fetish (cross-dressing/’transgenderism’) are jumping on the bandwagon to order to gain priveleges and access to women prisoners (as in the case of Stephen Wood/’Karen White’, a convicted rapist who was allowed to sexually assault female prisoners).

Update 15/06/2019: Read our latest blog post, A Witch Hunt at Humanists UK, where Janice Williams gives an account of her experience of being accused of ‘transphobia’ and being investigated by her employers. For further info, see our ‘Doxxing Dossier’, or read our guidance on what to do if you are in a similar situation.

Update 28/04/2019: Yesterday, we protested outside the venue of the London Porn Film Festival, which was advertised using the hashtag ‘necrophilia’. Their first venue cancelled due to the concerns raised by OBJECT and others. The ‘rape festival’ organisers informed us that OBJECT caused them a net loss of over £2000! Priceless. Let’s keep up the pressure and stop the glorification of violence against women, pornography and prostitution.

Update 26/04/2019: Today we are outside a Stonewall conference in London, protesting lesbian erasure and the idea that lesbianism is just a sexual fetish for men. We OBJECT! Lesbians are women-loving women. Only women can be lesbians! An OBJECT member attended the conference to remind Stonewall that lesbians don’t have penises – read her account here!

Update 31/03/2019: This is apparently Trans Day of Visibility 2019. OBJECT want to help expose the misogyny and lesbophobia of the ‘trans’ movement. Incredible new research was published today by Angela Wild of Get The L Out. It shows that within ‘LGBT’ spaces, lesbians are pressured to have sex with ‘transwomen’ (men) – this is corrective rape and conversion therapy. Lesbians have been threatened, assaulted and raped by these men, all under the guise of ‘trans-inclusivity’. We OBJECT. Please read the full report here and share widely to make this truth visible to all.

Update 28/03/2019: Read our latest blog post on OBJECT’s feminist expedition to New York City! Our primary OBJECTive was to promote and launch The Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights.