Do the cows in the field know they are shut in? As they shuffle painfully into the milking parlour, do they know there is another way to live their lives? No. Cows are farmed but do not know it. What about us women? Surely it is different, we are human, we have choices. But do we? Are we, surreptitiously and without realising it, subject to the same techniques as the cows, the sheep, the goats? While of course being ‘fed’ the line that we are human and equal to men? History, archaeology, language, sexual politics and the arts all tell the same story: Women are farmed!

Ten Ways Surrogacy is Like Prostitution

If you OBJECT to the exploitation of women as sexual slaves in the prostitution industry, you should also OBJECT to the renting of women’s bodies in reproductive slavery (‘surrogacy’). Here are ten ways ‘surrogacy’ is like prostitution.