Strange but True – Beyond Orwellian
December 30, 2018

STRANGE BUT TRUE…this is beyond Orwellian, this is now Putinesque. 

As Vladimir Putin has shown us, if enough people get organised online, they can influence election results in the biggest democracy in the world. So spreading lies about a single private individual, Maria Maclachlan, should be no challenge. Maria’s blog post regarding the trans-activists assaulting her at Speakers’ Corner describes how the story was manipulated and spread online, framing Maria as the perpetrator and the assailants as the victims.

Yet inconvenient facts refuse to disappear….

Maria (5’4”, age 60) was assaulted and had her camera damaged by a tall (6’4”) young man. It was on video and he was convicted in a court of law. OBJECT was there in support of Maria. 

OBJECT supported Maria in court: Tara Wood, the man who assaulted her, was found guilty and convicted. Photo from The Telegraph.

Strangely, Maria was instructed by the judge to address her assailant as ‘she’ in court, which effectively meant she had to lie, since the assailant had clearly been male on the day of the assault.

Has anyone seen any publicity about altered guidelines in court practice? Why not? A matter of public interest, surely.

Even more strange: In September 2018 veteran feminist campaigner Linda Bellos and ace publicist Venice Allan were taken to court by transactivist ‘Giuliana’ Kendal; he made a private prosecution against Linda for stating (via a livestream broadcast by Venice ) that she would defend herself if attacked. In court, he made further bizarre complaints – for example Linda was wearing a suffragette emblem which Giuliana said he found upsetting and offensive! The case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service who quite rightly decided to drop it. This was announced in court on 30th November 2018. OBJECT was in (and outside!) court on both days.

The media covered the allegations made against Linda Bellos, that she was being taken to court and branded ‘transphobic’. However – here’s the strange bit – the media did NOT cover the result of the court case.. Not a single UK newspaper or media outlet has covered this fact, although press reps were there on the day. It is biased and irresponsible that these ridiculous accusations made against Linda and Venice were widely publicised, yet there was no report/update on the result of the court case in which Linda and Venice were vindicated.

OBJECT has written about this to Private Eye, usually a little more objective than the mainstream. Let’s see if they say anything. 

Janice Williams