Sex Encounter Venues

Photomontage by George Blair
‘This image from photomontage artist George Blair shows the reality of prostitution in a traditional phone box setting: child sexual abuse teaches a girl that sex is her role with men, high suicide statistics indicating despair and poor mental health, depersonalising racial stereotypes, youth fetishised but never checked as punters prefer younger women, and everywhere women commodified and sold as if they were a supermarket product. We OBJECT.

‘Sex Encounter Venues’. as they are termed under the Policing and Crime Act 2009, are premises where men can pay to gain sexual satisfaction, or feelings of superiority, from viewing the objectification of women on display.  These venues are also known as ‘lap-dancing clubs,’ ‘strip joints’ or ‘gentlemen’s clubs’.

OBJECT successfully campaigned for ‘lap-dancing’ clubs to be classified as ‘Sex Encounter Venues’, resulting in a change in the law in 2009.  We want this law properly applied and further revised to protect women.

OBJECT’s recent work on ‘Sex Encounter Venues’

  • OBJECT and sister organisation Not Buying It were successful in campaigning against an application by The Red Rooms (Holborn, London) to install private booths in its strip club.

OBJECT protested against an application by The Red Rooms to install private booths in its strip club.

OBJECT supported the campaign against the licensing of a strip club in Sheffield. OBJECT attended the judicial review in Leeds high court – the council were forced to concede that community impact had not been properly assessed when licensing the strip club.

Recommended Books on ‘Sex Encounter Venues’

  • Danns, Jennifer Hayashi. & Lévêque, Sandrine.  (2011)  Stripped: The Bare Reality of Lap Dancing

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