OBJECT’s 5 Key Issues



Pornography is filmed / photographed prostitution.  Real women are used and abused in porn – it is not a harmless fantasy.  Porn grooms children and teenagers into adopting the sexuality of male supremacy, which eroticises the degradation and subordination of women.  Women are not sex objects.  We OBJECT.



Prostitution is the patriarchal practice in which men are entitled to buy and sell women to use as sex objects.  We endorse the Nordic Model: the men who abuse women (pimps and sex buyers) should be criminalised and prostituted women should be decriminalised and provided with support and exit services.  Prostitution is rape.  We OBJECT.


Sex Encounter Venues

‘Lap-dancing’ or ‘gentlemen’s’ clubs are known as Sex Encounter Venues under the Policing and Crime Act 2009, but may more accurately be referred to as Sexual Exploitation Venues. They are establishments were men gain sexual satisfaction and/or feelings of superiority by viewing exploited women displayed like slaves for sale – prostitution may also take place. SEVs profit from the sexual objectification of women.  We OBJECT.



Surrogacy is the use of a woman’s body to carry a child in exchange for money. Whereas prostitution is the commodification of women as sex objects – sold to men to rape and abuse; surrogacy is the commodification of women’s reproductive function – ‘wombs for rent’. We OBJECT.



OBJECT are proud to be the first mainstream UK feminist organisation to publicly OBJECT to the harms of ‘transgender’ ideology.  We believe ‘transgender’ people are entitled to their own personal beliefs and should have the same human rights as anyone else.  However, ‘transgender’ ideology and practice causes significant harm to women and we will not remain silent on this issue.  We OBJECT.