Hackney Resisters

LATEST UPDATES November 2019 OBJECT helped organise the Hackney Resisters meeting that took place on 22nd November, with speakers Alison Bailey and Stephanie Davies-Arai of TransgenderTrend. We supported Maya Forstater at her employment tribunal this month– she was fired for expressing her belief that women exist! Judge’s decision to be made in December. October 2019 …

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New York Launch of The Women’s Declaration (March 2019)

New York Launch – March 2019 A launch event for the Women’s Declaration took place on 15th March 2019 in midtown Manhatten, New York. Speakers included OBJECT members Prof. Sheila Jeffreys and Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans, plus lawyer and academic Maureen O’Hara. They explained the necessity of the declaration; described the problem with the language and …

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Message from Female Survivors of Rape, Sexual Violence and Abuse

Brighton Royal Visit 03/10/2018 Clare B Dimyon MBE for services to (& accepted on behalf of) the ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender’ people of C & E Europe 3rd October 2018: Video Welcoming the Duchess & Duke of Sussex on behalf of Female Survivors of Rape and other forms of sexual violence and abuse in …

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Surrogacy is the practice in which a woman’s womb is ‘rented’ – she is paid to become pregnant (via artificial insemination of sperm, or implantation of a ‘donated’ egg), to follow rules during the pregnancy (such as aborting foetuses which do not meet the buyers’ wishes) and to then give up her baby to the …

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Sex Encounter Venues

‘Sex Encounter Venues’. as they are termed under the Policing and Crime Act 2009, are premises where men can pay to gain sexual satisfaction, or feelings of superiority, from viewing the objectification of women on display.  These venues are also known as ‘lap-dancing clubs,’ ‘strip joints’ or ‘gentlemen’s clubs’. OBJECT successfully campaigned for ‘lap-dancing’ clubs to …

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Dworkin was right

Photomontage by George Blair Prostitution is the practice in which men are able to purchase women to use as sex objects.  Men are taught via pornography and patriarchal culture to believe that they have an inalienable right to the sexual access of women and children’s bodies.  Prostitution eroticises the degradation and oppression of women.  Men …

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What is the Women’s Declaration?

What is the Women’s Declaration? The Women’s Declaration is a proclamation of women’s sex-based human rights, which affirms that the discrimination and oppression of women all over the world is based upon biological sex, and not the postmodern concept of ‘gender identity’. The declaration aims to protect women’s rights (e.g. across political, social, economic and …

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Inventing Transgender Children – Pointicle Review

You’ve heard of an article, you’ve heard of a listicle (an article based on a list) and now here’s a a pointicle! This is a point-by-point review of the new and controversial book “Inventing Transgender Children and Young People”, edited by Heather Brunskell-Evans and Michelle Moore. The book is a compilation of essays by clinicians, psychologists, parents, educators, ‘detransitioners’ and others affected or interested in the creation of the ‘transgender’ child. We highly recommend reading the book yourself, but if time and money are in short supply then read our summary of the key points here!