Living with an Autogynephile. (AGP)
Abigail Rowland and Jackie Mearns
5 Dec 2020

Autogynephilia (self-as-woman-love) is a male fetish where a narcissistic, female-identified man prioritises his sexual arousal from dressing and being treated as a woman above all other aspects of his life, including his family. His entire life is an act and he targets capable, vulnerable women whom he can exploit while practicing his self-absorbed fantasies.

Abigail Rowland and Jackie Mearns tell us about their years married to AGP men and the deception, isolation, coercion, and financial exploitation they suffered from them, while being the one who earned a living and looked after the kids.

They are Hidden Voices because the AGP men suck up all the attention whenever this topic is considered. Many (not all) male-born transgender people are autogynephiles. Both Abigail and Jackie are now involved in a self-help organization for other women involved with AGPs.