Keira Bell. The first detransitioner case to come to court. Success!
Stephanie Davies-Arai and Heather Brunskell Evans
5 Dec 2020

We hear from two ‘gender’ experts who supported brave detransitioner Keira Bell with her October 2020 court case where she challenged the harmful physical interventions she had been prescribed aged 16 when diagnosed with ‘gender dysphoria’ at the Tavistock Clinic’s Gender Identity Service. Keira may have lost her ability to have children because of the drugs she was given. We are delighted that Keira and co-appellant Mrs A. won their case in December 2020, and any child now wanting such treatment under the age of 16 will now have to go before a court to establish that they fully understand the consequences of taking it. 

Stephanie Davies-Arai, Director of Transgender Trend was shortlisted for the John Maddox science prize 2018 for her work on transgenderism. She explains the huge problems young women have with puberty and how easy it is for them to believe (wrongly) that puberty blockers, hormones and surgery are the answer. The voices of detransitioners are hidden because their very existence undermines the view that ‘trans is real’ and ‘trans is for life’.

The voices of women who criticise transgenderism are hidden because they do not fit with the prevailing orthodoxy that transgenderism is real and lasting. This orthodoxy was successfully challenged by Keira’s case when the judges decided that children under the age of 16 were unlikely to be able to understand the implications of taking puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

OBJECT’s Heather Brunskell Evans, author of several books on how children are influenced into thinking they are ‘trans’, was also there in court supporting Keira. She explains the folly of automatically validating a child’s belief in a ‘gender identity’ (often inculcated online via social contagion) at the expense of all we know about helping children with problems via talking therapies.