Forced to Lie Under Oath
Maria MacLachlan
1 Apr 2021

In 2017 Maria was assaulted at Speakers Corner by a young male transactivist. When the case came to court he wore a dress and the judge told Maria to call him ‘she’.  Since then she has been blogging at ‘’ and campaigning unceasingly for women’s rights.

Sisters Uncut who call themselves ‘feminist’ and claim to support all victims of violence in fact supported the Trans Rights Activists who were proven by plentiful video evidence to have committed the violence against Maria, rather than supporting Maria as the actual victim of violence at the hands of 3 males. Sisters Uncut (or should it be ‘Sisters Unhinged’?)supported male perpetrators against a female victim of violence.

This illustrates the extent of policy capture by the Trans Rights Lobby and shows we need to look critically at the claims made by organizations who are catapulted into the spotlight by media attention. Maria was encouraged by the police to seek compensation for the injuries she had suffered. Judge Kenneth Grant (now fortunately retired) said that he was reducing the amount of compensation to be paid to Maria because she was ‘unhelpfully present’ and had been filming at Speakers Corner despite being asked to stop.

This last statement was denied by Maria, was taken by the judge at face value from defence witnesses and was unverified by video evidence. It was clearly time for Judge Grant to retire. Sadly the UK justice system apparently still believes in the duty of women to be helpful to men at all times, even when they are being violent towards you, and will impose financial penalties on those of us who are not. Stereotypes rule, OK?

Quote from Maria: ‘Scientists are no more likely to be critical thinkers than anyone else.’

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