Croc among the Newts
3 Mar 2021

Ace cartoonist on the Morning Star, Britain’s most left-wing newspaper (known for its pro-women stance), STELLA PERRETT was suddenly dropped and her cartoon ‘End Game’ removed from the paper at the behest of the Trades Union Congress, who felt it was ‘transphobic’.

She was never given any proper reason for withdrawing the cartoon, merely that transactivists objected to it. At the time, Stella was working as an administrator in the civil service and was a union rep for the PCSU (Public and Commercial Services Union). The PCSU, influenced by its LGBT Champion also threatened Stella with dismissal, forcing her to retire early from her job. ‘End Game’ cleverly illustrates what many gender critical women think of the gender agenda: that it is a way (intentionally or not, consciously or not) for men to destroy what little protection from them women have struggled to achieve.

It is the oppressive and violent behaviour of men as a sex which necessitates our protection from them, yet instead of helping us, they are doubling down against us, denying the facts of our oppression and by so doing oppressing us even more. Transactivists are the major culprits, but fence-sitters who from the comfort of their privilege fail to support us are also complicit.

We OBJECT. Not only did the TUC threaten to defund the Morning Star if they did not withdraw the cartoon and drop Stella, they went further and told the Star that it could not print anything in future about women’s rights unless they put in equivalent coverage of trans rights. In this video Stella tells us how she was cancelled, both at the Morning Star and by her union, the PCSU.

She is busy using her art for radical feminist activism now she has more time on her hands, and finds sisterhood in the radfem movement.

You can view her work here: