Message from Female Survivors of Rape, Sexual Violence and Abuse

Brighton Royal Visit 03/10/2018

Clare B Dimyon MBE

for services to (& accepted on behalf of) the

‘lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender’ people of C & E Europe

3rd October 2018: Video Welcoming the Duchess & Duke of Sussex on behalf of Female Survivors of Rape and other forms of sexual violence and abuse in Brighton, Hove & Sussex.

3rd October 2018: Text of the video on behalf of Female Rape (RSVA) Survivors (.pdf)

3rd October 2018: FOVAS (Female – Only, Violence and Abuse Survivors) Statement and Foreword by Female Survivors of Sussex (.pdf)

16th July 2018: Survivor Network Statement: A Woman’s Place Meeting – addressed by 1 Rape Survivor & attended by others (.pdf)

9th October 2016: The Independent. Letter from Rape Survivor Teacher to 14yo Oxford Schoolgirl.

12 October 2016: BBC. Rape Survivor reads Letter of Support to Oxford Schoolgirl.

19th April 2016: The Friend. 19th April 1984 “The day 18yo Quaker woman taught a man consent while he was raping her.” (30 years before it was discussed in the public domain)

5th May 1998 (no link yet!): 5 May 1998 “NUT Teacher’s #MeToo Moment to Senior Teaching Colleagues wrt Statistical Inevitability of Pupils who had already experienced/witnessed Rape or other forms sexual violence or abuse… ‘professional crucifixion’ ensued.

“Her fortress is a faithful heart, her pride is suffering…”