Dustbin Dolls

This poignant photo by Maria Chankova shows how society pressures women to work hard to meet a narrow stereotyped standard of appearance (impossible for some, expensive for most) and then dumps them on the scrapheap regardless.We OBJECT!

Vaishnavi Sundar

ObjectNow! Interviews Vaishnavi Sundar about ‘Dysphoric’ her four-part documentary series on the rise of Gender Identity Ideology, its effects on women and girls in developing nations. In her synopsis of Dysphoric she says that: In this dystopian world where misogyny is rampant, and womanhood is commodified, being female comes at a cost. Corporates capitalise on …

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Kate Scottow’s appeal – why did she win?

“Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having” In a complex legal appeal it can be hard to ‘see the wood for the trees’. Yet it is important to understand where and how a judge went wrong. To clarify Kate Scottow’s successful appeal case of December 2020, here are some highlights from the Appeal …

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A Homage To Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Woolstonecraft an Adult Human female naked in the early morning London chill needed a t-shirt to warm her up. We OBJECT to stereotypes and gratuitous nudity in female statues Background Many women are asking why the statue of Mary Wollstonecraft is not a depiction and celebration of her lifes work and why is she …

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Prostitution, Neither Sex nor Work

Like the women of Leeds Resisters who are currently undertaking a month long feminist action in Leeds, I am an abolitionist. I want to abolish the sale of women and girls to men and human trafficking. I want to abolish the trade in rape. I want laws and culture to work towards this end and …

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All Roads Lead to Arcus

In June of this year, I published an article documenting the transfer of wealth from Stryker medical corporation profits, by its heir, Jon Stryker, to his LGBT NGO, Arcus Foundation. From Arcus Foundation this medical corporation money has been funneled through our cultural, civic, educational, medical, religious and legal institutions globally, as well as the …

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Gendered Intelligence’s online OU course taken down for review!

‘Futurelearn, the government’s online course marketing company, was offering an Open University course written by Gendered Intelligence called Understanding Gender Identity: Trans People in the Workplace. Unfortunately the content was inaccurate, unevidenced, unbalanced, out of date and in conflict with Futurelearn’s values of openness and correcting mistakes. After a detailed complaint by OBJECT, the course …

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WEBINAR – SURROGACY – OBJECT UK – 9 AUGUST 2020 Summary of a panel presentation given on 9 August 2020 at the Object UK webinar on surrogacy. SUMMARY OF GARY POWELL’S PRESENTATION I’ve been a gay rights activist for the past 40 years or so. I don’t buy into the Credo of the appalling homophobic, …

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Trans Identified Males Should Not Be Accessing Women’s Spaces

An expert in male sexual offenders was banned from Medium for this article on trans identified males. Some readers may find the content disturbing. I specialised in working with male sexual offenders for twenty years and was employed by West Yorkshire Probation Service. I worked both in the community and in prisons. Many Trans Identified …

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Winner of the Object! Essay Prize 2020

The winner of the Object! Essay Prize 2020 is Lauren Hamstead How do ‘altruistic’ and commercial surrogacy affect the rights of women and children? Introduction In its most basic form, surrogacy requires that a woman gestate a child for a third party and relinquish her child at birth. In popular consciousness the narrative surrounding surrogacy …

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