Sexual Violence

What about the girls?

‘Trans’ is the Wrong Answer to a Real Problem. What about the girls? This contains upsetting pictures but pre-teen kids see stuff like this daily so why should we warn you? by Dr EM Part I: Porn Culture. Transgenderism, for teenage girls, is the wrong answer to a woman-and-girl-hating culture. The non-transactivists I know, the …

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The 11th Hour Jennifer Bilek

OBJECT brings you the latest thinking on key feminist issues. Jennifer Bilek’s cutting-edge blog regularly digs out illuminating truths which help us understand the trans movement. She exposes the deliberately invisible and very rich players pushing the trans agenda for their own motives. It is NOT a grass-roots movement of worthy but vulnerable people who …

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Articles by Sheila Jeffreys

Articles by Sheila Jeffreys These journal articles by Professor Sheila Jeffreys, member of OBJECT’s management committee, cover a range of topics related to feminism and women’s rights. Disability and the male sex right. Originally published in Women’s Studies International Forum, 2008. Keeping Women Down and Out: The Strip Club Boom and the Reinforcement of Male …

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