Winner of the Object! Essay Prize 2020

The winner of the Object! Essay Prize 2020 is Lauren Hamstead How do ‘altruistic’ and commercial surrogacy affect the rights of women and children? Introduction In its most basic form, surrogacy requires that a woman gestate a child for a third party and relinquish her child at birth. In popular consciousness the narrative surrounding surrogacy …

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This article first appeared on Medium.com in May 2020 and was soon taken down following complaints. We post it here to show the level of aggression and violence that transactivists recommend against their opponents in the trans debate, eg us. We and our radical feminist sisters have been on the receiving end of this treatment …


A Meaningful Transition?

The Road to Hell…is paved with good intentions. OBJECT! usually steers clear of criticising feminist colleagues. Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes, broad church etc. But when the intention is ‘kind’ but the impact is appalling, something has to be said. Dr Julia Long has said it: ‘Much of what is written and spoken in …

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