This article first appeared on in May 2020 and was soon taken down following complaints. We post it here to show the level of aggression and violence that transactivists recommend against their opponents in the trans debate, eg us. We and our radical feminist sisters have been on the receiving end of this treatment …


OBJECT’s Doxxing Dossier

OBJECT’S DOXXING DOSSIER   This is a list of ordinary UK gender-critical campaigners who have been maliciously reported for their legitimate views by transactivists to their employer or other organisation. This ‘doxxing’ is a project of concerted malicious in-depth detective work carried out with the sole aim of deliberately spreading lies in order to discredit …

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Guidance: ‘Doxxed’ For ‘Transphobia’

Guidance: ‘Doxxed’ For ‘Transphobia’ GUIDANCE IF YOU ARE ‘DOXXED’ OR REPORTED FOR ‘TRANSPHOBIA’ TO YOUR EMPLOYER OR SIMILAR Janice Williams, Chair of OBJECT, took part in the ‘Get the L Out’ protest at Pride in London in July 2018 to highlight the erasure of lesbians in the LBGT movement, and was immediately doxxed by transactivists …

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