Forced to Lie Under Oath – Maria MacLachlan

In 2017 Maria was assaulted at Speakers Corner by a young male transactivist. When the case came to court he wore a dress and the judge told Maria to call him ‘she’. Since then she has been blogging at ‘peaktrans.org’ and campaigning unceasingly for women’s rights. Sisters Uncut who call themselves ‘feminist’ and claim to …

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Vaishnavi Sundar

ObjectNow! Interviews Vaishnavi Sundar about ‘Dysphoric’ her four-part documentary series on the rise of Gender Identity Ideology, its effects on women and girls in developing nations. In her synopsis of Dysphoric she says that: In this dystopian world where misogyny is rampant, and womanhood is commodified, being female comes at a cost. Corporates capitalise on …

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Croc Among The Newts

Ace cartoonist on the Morning Star, Britain’s most left-wing newspaper (known for its pro-women stance), STELLA PERRETT was suddenly dropped and her cartoon ‘End Game’ removed from the paper at the behest of the Trades Union Congress, who felt it was ‘transphobic’. She was never given any proper reason for withdrawing the cartoon, merely that …

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Holbeck: A Case Study of Hell

Holbeck is a case study of hell. It is misogyny and objectification in the legal system, a triumph of men’s rights activists. Alan Caton, the detective who led the investigation into the murders of five prostituted women in Ipswich in 2006 and subsequently led the strategy to put an end to street prostitution in Ipswich …

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Strange but True – Beyond Orwellian

STRANGE BUT TRUE…this is beyond Orwellian, this is now Putinesque.  Maria Maclachan has written about how trans-activists spun the story of her assault to make it sound like she was the perpetrator, and how this version of events was spread online. More recently, in the court case involving Linda Bellos, the malestream media has irresponsibly publicised the ridiculous accusations made against her – yet NOT bothered to report that the charges brought against her were rightfully dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. We OBJECT to malestream media manipulation.